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Does This Sound Familiar?


You are all set for spending a day out in the hills or at your favorite shooting area. You check to make sure you have everything. You have your rifle, your pistols, your range bag, your ammo, your shooting mat, your portable shooting bench, and then you remember...

"Oh Yea! ... I need to bring something to shoot at!"

You have some paper targets, but you need something to put them on. There are some cardboard boxes in the garage. Maybe those would work with some tape,some old pieces of wood, and some string.

A little while later you reach your favorite spot, but it is occupied, so now you move on down the road. You find a nice isolated area, but it is not too level. There is a hill for a backstop, but there is bit of a breeze, and the ground is uneven. You stop anyway, and set up.

You head across the open ground, over the ditch, and up the other side with your box and targets. You try to set it up, but the box wants to fall down in the breeze. You prop it up with sticks, and maybe a few rocks in the bottom of the box.

You head back, settle down and take a few shots. On your third shot, the box falls over! $+!(*&#

You head back across to set it up again. This time a few more rocks. You head back, and as you are almost there you look over your shoulder, only to see the whole thing fall over again. The rocks spill out, the target is torn off and floats away in the breeze.


"DAMN - There has got to be a better way!!!"


The "Swivel Hip Target Stand", offering 5 degrees of adjustment for any terrain!

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Features of the Swivel Hip Target Stand

Features of the Swivel Hip Target Stand

Swivel Hip Adjustment

Swivel Hip Carry

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Swivel Hip Setup Video

  • Swivel Hip Stand Setup Video

  • Swivel Hip Range of Adjustment Video

Swivel Hip Reviews

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